Five Spicy Grilled Shrimp Recipes

shrimp on the barby

These versatile spicy grilled shrimp recipes are for anyone who likes to add a little kick to their seafood. Most of them can be adjusted accordingly for how much spice and hotness you prefer simply by changing the amounts of the ingredients used. Note: When using these recipes never let the shrimp marinate in them for more than 20-30 minutes, as this can cause them to become acidic. Unlike meat, it does not give them more flavor! All of these recipes are for 2 pounds of shrimp, unless otherwise noted. You can always add/change depending on how large of a crowd you are cooking for.

Be forewarned: Everybody will eat these all up, so plan for extras!

Cayenne Pepper Shrimp

You will need:
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 teaspoon salt
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/8 cup olive oil
Fresh squeezed lemon juice from 1 lemon

Mix all ingredients together and toss shrimp in bowl until evenly coated prior to grilling.

Hot Sauce Shrimp

You will need:
1/4 cup olive oil
Fresh lemon or lime juice from 1 fruit
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tbsp hot sauce of your choice
1 tsp crushed red chili peppers

Mix all ingredients and marinate shrimp in before grilling.

Jalapeno Shrimp

You will need:
1 tbsp Chili powder
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 small finely chopped jalapeno (seeds make it spicy, so you may wish to remove the seeds)
Fresh juice from 1 lime
2 tbsp olive oil

Mix the ingredients all together in a bowl and coat the shrimp. If using skewers, you may want to alternate shrimp and grilled jalapenos for a little added kick.

Spicy Ginger Shrimp

You will need:
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup Cajun seasoning mix
Fresh lemon juice from 1 lemon
2 tablespoons minced ginger
2 teaspoons cayenne pepper sauce

Mix and combine ingredients together and coat shrimp with it.

Chipoltle Shrimp

You will need:
1 Tbsp Cilantro
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 tbsp Chipoltle Pepper, minced
3 tbsp olive oil

Combine ingredients and toss evenly over shrimp.

These spicy grilled shrimp recipes are sure to be a hit at any party or gathering or evening for an easy relaxing weeknight meal at home. You can also combine them with a variety of dipping sauces (both cold and spicy) that can help offset the different flavors. For tips on how to cook shrimp, visit our article on Best ways to grill shrimp.


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