How Long Do You Grill Pork Loin Per Pound?


pork-tenderloinWith a new grilling season upon us, we realized we never included a formal “How to Grill Pork Tenderloin Tutorial” so we’ve decided it’s time to do that now, and of course we will answer the popular question of “How Long Do You Grill Pork Loin Per Pound”?

Pork tenderloin is one of the juiciest and most tender cuts, and so it’s relatively easy to grill compared to more difficult cuts such as BBQ Brisket. And while the shoulder cut is typically tougher and most popular for pulled pork sandwiches pork loin by far is out favorite for that when given the option.

Now, you should hopefully already be familiar with some basic grilling tips whether you’re cooking on a gas grill or charcoal grilling.

So, beyond basic grill set up, and of course you’re going to want to season your meat appropriately with your favorite spices and seasonings (see our Dry Rub Recipes for some ideas!).

Now, for the best technique, you have to make sure that you keep it moist and prevent it from drying, since overcooking it or using the wrong method could cause it to be too dry and tough to eat! Some swear that soaking it in a brine for at least 6 hours, preferably overnight, will help prevent this. Brining should be done prior to adding any seasonings.

For our “perfect” method, again we are going to go to our trusty indirect heat method for the majority of the grilling process. To cook this way, you’re going to want a “hot” and a “cold” side of the grill. Another alternative to this that some recommend placing a pan of water between the heat and the actual cooking rack – though placing the pan of water on the side of the charcoal grill is certainly acceptable as well.

You will want to cook your pork loin for about 4-5 minutes on each side once the grill is hot, and then move it on over to your “cold” side and close your grill lid.

You’re going to want to let it cook on the cold side for about 20 minutes per pound, so if you have a 5 pound piece of meat for example it will likely take at least an hour and a half to cook. Obviously, this is just a general rule of thumb, and the actual temperature of your grill is going to determine what the cooking time will really be. This is when we again stress the importance of a really nice digital meat thermometer as it will help you know for certain when the meat is done. Pork should be cooked to at least 145 degrees before removing from the grill, and if you only cook it to that temperature, you’re going to want to wrap it in foil and allow it to continue to “bake” until at least 160 degrees to ensure it is fully cooked all the way through.

The methods we use for grilling on this site are pretty universal when it comes to our favorite pork BBQ recipes, so if you’re a new visitor and still not certain about the way we set up our grills, make sure you check out our guide on How to Grill Baby Back Ribs for more detailed instructions on the indirect heat/water pan method.

Now that you know how long to cook pork loin on the grill per pound and how to grill pork tenderloin to be tender and juicy, we sure would like to hear your recipes! Share them in the comments below!


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