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Having a bonfire is a great way to enjoy some of your favorite grilled foods with family and friends. We’ve put together these outdoor bonfire party games and bonfire night activities as a fun way to celebrate your BBQ or picnic. Remember as always that safety should always be your #1 priority when having campfires or grilling! Make sure that the weather conditions are good and that there is nothing in the area that can catch fire – starting a brush fire is not a good way to have a fun party!

Here are some ideas for outdoor party games at a bonfire:

1. Telephone: This is a classic game where one person comes up with a phrase and then whispers it to the person next to them. The person next to them then repeats the same phrase whispering to the person next to him or her. This goes on until every person sitting in the circle has heard the phrase and the last person will say it out loud. This one can be very funny, as usually it changes from person to person. You can play this game so that everyone gets a turn to be first and last.

2. Flashlight Tag: This is a great game to play if you have room such as a large yard or field for others to hide in. It combines the elements of hide and seek and tag together. One person begins as “it” and is armed with a flashlight. The person who is it counts to a high number (50-100) to give everyone a chance to run out and hide. When the person is done counting, the players who are hiding can then switch spots and try to make their way back to the home base to avoid becoming “it” the next time. The player who is “it” will use the flashlight to spot or tag them. If they are spotted with the flashlight, they are then sent to “jail” until all of the players have been caught or made it to base safely. The first player caught is usually “it” the next round. There are many variations on this game also available, but this is how we played it as kids!

3. Singing: There’s something wonderful and relaxing about singing around a bonfire with a group of friends. We have an old guitar I bought at a yard sale for $10 reserved just for bonfire party occasions. Play your favorites, or make up your own with each person sitting around the campfire to make suggestions or invent your own lyrics.

4. Spooky Stories: A bonfire would just not be as fun without some spooky stories. You can often find many scary stories online or at the library to tell at the fire.

5. Truth and Lies: This is a fun game where each person sitting around the fire says two things that are true about themselves and one thing that is not true. Each other person then must guess which one is not true. It can be very funny to see which things are and are not true and what things the other people think. After everyone takes a chance to guess, the person who told the three facts then reveals which one was not true. This game continues with each person taking turns.

6. I Took a Trip: This is a fun game for players of all ages. The person starting begins “I took a trip and I brought a suitcase.” The next person would say “I took a trip and brought a suitcase and a banana.” The next players would then continue to repeat the items and each adding their own.

Do you have any other ideas for bonfire night activities? Share them in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Bonfire Party Games & Activities

  1. The name game you start with the letter A and the first person has to say a famous person who`s first name starts with an A, The Next person has to say a name that starts with the first letter of the last name from the person before,Ex:(first person says) Ace Young,(second person says a name that starts with a Y)Yosamite Sam

    *Remember at least 2 people have to have heard of the person

  2. Batons is a game for two teams with around 5 people each in them. Each player has a piece of cloth loosely tied to their wrist. This is their life – without it they must run back to base to get a new life before playing any other role.

    Each team has a soft baton which they put in a large circle of rope (home). They then have to steal the other teams baton and bring it home too. The winner is the first team to get both batons home. However:

    If you get tagged you lose your life without it they must run back to base to get a new life before playing any other role.

    You cant go inside your own rope unless you are carrying a baton. This means the opposing team can catch their breath in your home!

  3. Ghost in the graveyard is a game very similar to hide and go seek, but with a few twists in addition to the original game. It starts off with each participant hiding, but when the person who is “it” finds another participant in their hiding spot, they must shout, “GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD!” and all players run to the home base (any area that all players can fit on or be able to touch). Anybody who is tagged is now “it”. This game is most fun when played in the dark.

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